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JBL has announced a new pair of true wireless earphones, the Endurance Peak.

These might be the sportiest true wireless earphones around. They have “Powerhook” stabilisers, which don’t usually feature in this bud-only style.

As a result they’ll stick in your ears better, and last longer, than most. Four hours between charges might get you a marathon’s worth of music. If you’re a good marathon runner, anyway.

The charge case will recharge the Endurance Peak an extra six times, and a 10-minute charge provides power for an hour’s worth of music.

IPX7 water resistance is also the best you’ll find in an earphone, letting you give them a rinse after a particularly gruelling workout.

There are some extra smarts too. The hook has a sensor that can tell when you’re wearing the earphones, and automatically switches off when not in use. Touch controls on the outer part of the Endurance Peak let you control volume and playback. This level of control is not available in every true wireless pair.

They have 10mm dynamic drivers, and promse JBL's "signature" bassy sound.

You'll be able to get hold of the JBL Endurance Peak for £129 from November. They join the JBL Free, more conventional true wireless earphones released in 2017.