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Apple's iPad has a strong argument to be crowned the best overall tablet on the market right now. With a top-of-the-line display and Apple's ecosystem of apps, it's hard to find a better portable device if you're looking for a large screen, ample computing power, and a premium selection of productivity and entertainment experiences. The iPad is also a tablet that's revised pretty frequently, with the latest version being the 10th-generation iPad.

The most common way to tell which case you need for your model is by the device's display size. The 7th, 8th, and 9th-generations of the base-model iPad all feature 10.2-inch displays, but the latest 10th-generation iPad features a larger 10.9-inch display. All the best accessory-makers have wide ranges of cases to choose from, including Apple's Smart Folio, which is our top pick. We rounded up the best 10th-generation iPad cases, to help you protect and personalise your new premium tablet. We've also got you covered answering some frequently asked questions about the best iPad cases.

  • Apple Smart Cover
    Apple Smart Folio
    Best iPad case overall

    Apple's in-house cover for the 10th-generation iPad is our choice for the best iPad cover. The Smart Folio is made from a single piece of polyurethane, and you can fold it into different positions for reading, viewing, typing, or making FaceTime calls.

  • Magic Keyboard
    Apple Magic Keyboard Folio
    Best iPad case with a keyboard

    The Magic Keyboard Folio gives you the best possible keyboard performance - with automatic connection to your iPad and no charging necessary. The keyboard easily connects and disconnects when you don't need it, while the Smart Folio cover can stay on to protect your device. It is very pricey, though.

  • logitech Combo Touch
    Logitech Combo Touch
    Best value iPad case with a keyboard

    The Logitech Combo Touch is a case to protect your iPad, and it has a full keyboard. Connecting the keyboard to your iPad is easy with the Smart Connector feature. You can use it in four different modes and adjust the kickstand up to 40 degrees for a suitable viewing angle.

  • otterbox symmetry series-1
    Otterbox Symmetry Folio Series
    Best rugged case iPad case
    $54 $70 Save $16

    Otterbox makes the toughest cases for smartphones and tablets. The Unlimited Series features military-grade drop protection that will protect your iPad from a 6-foot drop onto concrete. The case protects your screen and gives you three different stand options when using your device.

  • torro
    Torro Leather Case
    Best leather iPad case

    Torro sources its genuine leather from tanneries in the US to create beautiful iPad cases that also protect your device. The leather case for the 10th-gen iPad comes in black, red, tan, dark brown, and black with red stitching.

  • gumdrop
    Gumdrop FoamTech Case
    Best iPad case for kids

    The Gumdrop FoamTech case is built with kids in mind. It’s made with a mix of sturdy EVA foam and high-impact Polycarbonate. It also comes in five colors: Black, Blue, Lime Green, and Orange. The Gumdrop FoamTech case even has a handle that doubles as a stand.

  • Spigen Armor
    Spigen Tough Armor Pro
    Best cheap outdoor case for iPad
    $29 $60 Save $31

    The Spigen Tough Armor Pro is a great value choice if you're focused on getting quality protection for your iPad. It features air cushion technology to absorb any drops. It also has a handy kickstand to prop-up your device.

  • Zugu-1
    Zugu case
    Best ergonomic stand for iPad

    This Zugu case provides drop protection from 5 feet and features an 8-angle magnetic stand for various daily activities. Zugu guarantees your satisfaction with free 30-day returns, and it covers all AppleCare+ repair costs for cracked screens.

How we picked the best iPad cases

Our methodology for finding the best 10th-generation iPad cases started by narrowing down the selection to Apple Smart Folio, Logitech Combo Touch, Otterbox Symmetry Folio Series, Apple Magic Keyboard Folio, Gumdrop FoamTech Case, Torro Leather Case, Spigen Tough Armor case and the Zugu 10th-generation iPad case.

These cases all cater to different user needs and preferences. For instance, the Apple Smart Folio emerged as our top pick due to it being Apple's own case for its 10th-generation iPad and because of its simplicity and moderate price. However, because user preferences may vary, factors like the need for a keyboard or extra protection might lead to other choices. In that case, the Logitech Combo Touch or the Otterbox Symmetry Folio Series might be better for certain use factors.

I thought of individual needs, balancing features like protection and style, and considered budget constraints when selecting a case. I also addressed common questions that potential buyers might have, such as the necessity of a screen protector, compatibility with different iPad generations, and the potential impact on the iPad's weight and bulk. This approach helped us to provide a clear and informed selection of the best 10.9-inch iPad cases.

How to decide which case is right for your iPad

Our choice for the best 10.9-inch iPad case is the Apple Smart Folio. Its classic look and mid-tier price point make it the obvious choice as our top pick. We've used the previous versions for the 10.2 screen with the Smart Cover since it was first released with the iPad 2, and we've never had so much as a scratch on the screen of an iPad. It's breeze to slip on and off, which isn't always the case with iPad covers.

Still, there are other options that could make sense for you, like the Logitech Combo Touch or Magic Keyboard Folio if you want a case with a keyboard or the Otterbox Symmetry Folio Series or Spigen Tough Armor for extra protection. We suggest considering what you need most from features (protection or style) and then take into account your budget before deciding on a case to buy from our list.

What type of case is best for the iPad?

There are various types of cases available, including folio cases, rugged cases, slim cases, keyboard cases, and even sleeves. The choice depends on your specific needs and preferences. The level of protection you want for your iPad, along with where and how you plan to use the device should be the driving factors in which case you choose.

Is a screen protector necessary for an iPad case?

It depends on your usage and preference. Cases with built-in screen protectors offer added protection against scratches and minor drops. If you want extra safeguarding for your iPad's screen, this can be a valuable feature. But you can get a screen protector for an iPad for as low as $10, so it's not exactly a deal breaker if your case doesn't have one.

Will older iPad cases fit the 10th-generation iPad?

The 10th-gen iPad has a unique size which means it needs a specific case. The 10th-generation iPad has a bigger display than the iPad's that preceded it. The 7th, 8th, and 9th generations of the iPad had a 10.2-inch display while the newest iPad has a 10.9-inch display. Most product pages will list compatible devices, so be sure check that any specific case will work with your device.

Do cases add a lot of weight and bulk to the iPad?

The added weight of a case can vary depending on the type and brand of the case. Slim cases generally add minimal bulk, while rugged cases may be heavier and thicker for added protection. Reviews are a useful way to get an idea if a case is going to be too bulky, and you can usually find the dimensions of weight of cases in the product description.