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Buying a game, a bit of downloadable content, a movie or any number of other digital items from the PlayStation Store doesn't have to be an irreversible choice - Sony does have a refund system in place to let you get your money back.

You can even get money back on the purchase of a PlayStation Plus membership if you act in time, so PS Store refunds are very possible.

Within 14 days of making your purchase, you can get your money back without any questions asked, with one huge condition: you cannot download the item in question, because the second you start doing so you'll lose the ability to get a refund.

That means you're going to want to turn off automatic downloads in your console's settings to give you the best chance to get a refund on a purchase you're not sure about.

This means that pre-orders can be a little bit complicated, too - if you pre-order within 14 days of the game's upcoming release, you can get a refund at any point within 14 days of your actual pre-order.

If you pre-ordered earlier than that time, meanwhile, you can get a refund any time before the game releases.

How do you actually go about putting this into action, though? Read on

How to get a refund from the PlayStation Store

Sadly, Sony doesn't make this very easy as it stands - you can only initiate a refund request by visiting the Refund Request page on the PlayStation website either on a desktop or in your mobile's internet browser.

This page invites you to "Contact PlayStation Support", and clicking on that option takes you to a page where you can select "PS Store & Refunds" from among a few options. This adds a further set of choices, where you can hit "PlayStation Store refunds".

Finally, this will give you the option to start an online chat with the "Refund Assistant", and from there you can tell them what you want to refund.

They'll ask you some relevant questions and if you haven't downloaded the content, or let 14 days pass, you should be fine to get your refund authorised and processed.