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Fall is in the air, which means pumpkin spice everything, NFL Sundays are back, and it's "tech-tober," which kicked off with a bang at Apple's September event and ushered in new iPhone generation, with each model now widely available. Since iPhone's original debut in 2007, lot has changed for the handset, both in terms of hardware and software. But with every iOS iteration, filling the pill-notch with a Dynamic Island, and charging port replacement, one thing that remains constant is needing to protect the beautiful display and cameras from the bumps and bruises of a busy day, especially if you opt for the iPhone Plus' gorgeous elongated screen. As long as the housings can be chipped and scratched, or the glass can be broken, you'll need a case. We're taking a quick look at the best cases for the iPhone 15 right out of the gate to help protect your newest iPhone on day one.

  • Speck Presidio 2 iPhone 15 Plus-1
    Speck/ Pocket-lint 
    Speck Presidio 2 for iPhone15 Plus
    Best case overall

    Speck is no stranger to the iPhone protecting game, and time and again its flagship cases rank among the best on the market. The Presidio 2 sports a slim profile, impact resistant rubber, and an "Armor Cloud" system that absorbs the force of impacts at the corners and edges of the case. It's anti-microbial properties, MagSafe compatibility, and sleek design make this case our best pick overall for the iPhone 15 plus.

  • OtterBox Defender XT iPhone 15 Plus-2
    OtterBox/ Pocket-lint 
    OtterBox Defender Series XT for iPhone 15 Plus
    Best rugged case

    Otterbox has been around longer than the iPhone, so suffice to say protecting electronic devices is its expertise. The Defender Series XT for iPhone 15 Plus is the latest in its Defender series. This MagSafe compatible case is rugged without being too bulky, and offers port covers to keep out dust and dirt. Tested at 5 times as many drops as military standard drop resistance, the Defender is true to its name.

  • iPhone 15 Plus FineWoven Case with MagSafe-1
    Apple/ Pocket-lint 
    FineWoven Case with MagSafe for iPhone 15 Plus
    Best fashionable case

    If you're seeking a daintier case for your iPhone 15 Plus then the FineWoven case by Apple probably fits the bill. For those with a less active lifestyle the FineWoven case made from micro twill is, according to Apple, "soft and suedelike." If you're trying to give your phone a pop of color and protect it from lifes nicks and scratches this case will do the trick.

  • Casetify Custom Impact Case for iPhone 15 Plus-1
    Casetify/ Pocket-lint 
    Casetify Custom Impact Case for iPhone 15 Plus
    Most customizable case

    Casetify offers a lineup of drop resistant rubber cases that are customizable in myriad ways. If you want to protect your iPhone 15 Plus while making your case unique to you, then Casetify will let you customize a case with words of your choice in varying fonts, and any number of color combinations and patterns on the back of the case. Note that not all of their cases are MagSafe compatible when selecting your case.

  • Nomad Modern Leather Folio for iPhone 15 Plus-1
    Nomad/ Pocket-lint 
    Nomad Modern Leather Folio for iPhone 15 Plus
    Best leather case

    Nomad has been in the game since 2012 and its leather folio has been a flagship product for them ever since. The folio for the iPhone 15 Plus holds 3 cards as well as cash, is MagSafe compatible, and comes in Black, Brown, or English Tan. Made from full grain and sustainably sourced leather that develops a unique patina over time, the Leather Folio is sleek, straight forward, and easy on the eyes.

  • Casely iPhone 15 Plus Case-1
    Casely/ Pocket-lint 
    Casely for iPhone 15 Plus
    Best budget case

    For the more visually expressive among us who want our devices to serve as a representation of our personality, Casely offers a deep roster of artsy and unique case designs. While they are all built on the same form factor, a standard hard rubber case offering basic drop resistance and beveled protection for the screen, Caselys library of case art surely has something beautiful for your iPhone 15 Plus.

  • OtterBox Commuter Series iPhone 15 Plus-2
    OtterBox/ Pocket-lint 
    OtterBox Commuter Series for iPhone 15 Plus
    Honorable Mention

    The OtterBox Commuter brings the expertise of OtterBox' more rugged cases to a slimmer profile case for a daily life that requires less intense protection. Offering MagSafe compatibility, grippy rubber, and plenty of drop protection, the Commuter series strikes a balance between heavy protection and a sleek form factor.

  • Spigen Ultra Hybrid S for iPhone 15 Plus-1
    Spigen/ Pocket-lint 
    Spigen Ultra Hybrid S for iPhone 15 Plus
    Best for showing off your phone

    The Spigen Ultra Hybrid S offers all the protection without hiding the beautiful design of the iPhone 15 Plus. It's MagSafe compatible and offers great protection with its hard rubber edges. The Ultra Hybrid S also comes with a very handy kickstand to use while watching Netflix or scrolling through e-mails without having to hold on to your phone.

What makes a good case for my iPhone 15 Plus?

The best cases protect your phone in more ways than one. All cases should offer some sort of screen protection which as simple as a beveled edge to protect the screen from face down drops, or as involved as a clip on plastic frame and screen protector like in the case of the OtterBox Defender XT. Good cases also tend to be adaptable to your charging needs and generally the more versatile in this department the better, so good cases tend to support wireless charging, MagSafe, and easy use of the charging port. Aside from these factors you'll want a case you don't mind looking at every single day, so we made sure our top picks all carry an appealing design.

Will my iPhone 15 case fit the iPhone 15 Plus?

No. Along with a longer-lasting battery, the iPhone 15 Plus boasts a bigger, 6.7-inch screen rather than the standard flasgship's 6.1-inch display. Therefore, despite the two models' similarities, the two phones require different case sizes.

Does the iPhone 14 Plus case fit the iPhone 15 Plus?

Possibly. With the iPhone 14 Plus measuring 6.33 x 3.07 x 0.31 inches and the and iPhone 15 Plus at 6.33 x 3.06 x 0.31, the dimensions differ only slightly, so case interchangeability ultimately depends on the case manufacturer. We suggest at looking at dimensions of the case and the phone carefully.

How do I pick a case for my iPhone 15 Plus?

Picking a case for your iPhone 15 Plus starts first and foremost with considering your lifestyle. If you primarily work outdoors, on rugged terrain, or any situation where you feel your iPhone will be subjected to some abuse then the OtterBox Defender is the case for you. For those with a more office based work life or if you're retired and just hitting the greens every morning, something sleeker and smaller will be more than enough to protect from the occasional drop. In this case Specks Presidio 2 is the perfect marriage of form and function. If budget is a primary concern, and you just want a case that will protect against normal every day life then the artsy cases from Casely will more than likely best serve your needs.

Does my iPhone 15 Plus need a case?

Whether to put a case on your phone or not is a very personal choice. There are plenty of Apple hardware enthusiasts who like rocking a naked phone in order to admire their phone for the gorgeous piece of technology it is, but they'll pay a high price after the wrong drop. The iPhone 15 Plus with its larger screen benefits from a case even more-so than its smaller family members in the lineup, so take your pick from our carefully curated collection.