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Amazon Fire Max 11 - face on - keyboard attachement 1
Amazon Fire Max 11 review: Amazon's best tablet yet

Amazon pushes its Fire tablet range up a notch, delivering a more 'serious' tablet that's still very affordable.

Samsung Neo G9 57_10 1
Samsung’s Fall Sale has huge discounts on tablets, TVs, and more

Discover Samsung is upon us again and the manufacturer is dropping prices to the floor on tons of good stuff.

Apple iPad (10th gen, 2022) review: Absolutely fabulous photo 27 1
The 10th-gen iPad is back to its lowest price ever

Forget picking up a new iPhone 15, this iPad deal is where it’s at.

Widgets on the iPad's Lock Screen in iPadOS 17.  1
How to add widgets to your Lock Screen in iPadOS 17

Love the widgets on your iPhone Lock Screen? Now you can add them on iPad, too.

mediatek-tsmc-3nm-1 1
What is a 3nm process chip and what does it mean for you?

MediaTek just announced its first 3nm process chip, and Apple may also announce its own very soon. But what are these 3nm chips?

amazon kindle paperwhite 2013 review image 4 1
The Best Amazon Kindle Deals: Save 10% on a Kindle Essentials Bundle

There's a Kindle on sale for just about everybody, from sturdy readers for kids to the high-end Scribe.

Xiaomi Pad 6_2-1 1
The best budget tablets: Touchscreen goodness on the cheap

Tablets can fill in for a laptop in a pinch, but you don't need to pay thousands for your touchscreen computer.

iPad Pro 11-inch 1
Treat yourself to an M1-powered iPad Pro with these steep discounts at Woot

Apple's powerful tablet can do most everything a laptop can, and now you can save a ton on one.

iPad mini on a wooden table with AirPods Pro 1
The best tablet deals: Save nearly 20% on a 10.2-inch iPad

You can save hundreds on the best tablet deals. Get an iPad for $279, or a Lenovo Tab for $99. Even more sales on Samsung and Fire tablets.

iPad Pro 11-inch 1
Best iPad and iPad Pro deals: Snag an Apple iPad Mini for $100 off

School is here and Black Friday and Amazon Prime Deal Days are fast approaching, expect an influx of discounts on iPad and iPad Pro.

Google Pixel Watch photo 4 1
Best Buy Labor Day sale: Save hundreds on today’s best tech

This Labor Day, you get discounts for tablets, smartwatches, smartphones, and more.

OnePlus Pad - 2-1 1
This mysterious new OnePlus tablet might be a budget marvel

OnePlus appears to have a new budget tablet on the way.

iPad 10th gen vs iPad 9th gen 1
Apple iPad (10th gen) vs iPad (9th gen): Which should you buy?

Here is how the Apple iPad (10th generation) compares to the entry-level iPad (9th generation). What are the differences and which should you buy?

iPad Pro 11-inch 1
What iPad do I have? How to find out your iPad model

Here's our quick guide to find out what iPad you have.

maxresdefault-11 1
How to factory reset your Kindle (and what happens when you do)

Here are step-by-step instructions for factory resetting a Kindle e-reader, what happens when you do, and why you may want to soft reset instead.

GALAXYtabs9ultravssurfacepro9 1
Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra vs Microsoft Surface Pro 9: Which is best for work?

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra and the Microsoft Surface Pro 9 could both replace your laptop, but which one is right for you?

iPad Pro 11-inch 1
Biggest iPad Pro update in years tipped to include faster chips and better displays

The iPad Pro is about to get a long overdue update according to a new report.

lenovo-tab-m8 1
Cheap Android tablet deal drops Lenovo’s latest 8-inch model down to just $80

The Lenovo Tab M8 is 27% off right now.

Xiaomi Pad 6_1-1 1
Xiaomi Pad 6 review: Budget tablet brilliance

The Xiaomi Pad 6 is a budget tablet that promises a lot, but does it rise above the competition?

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 vs S8 Plus vs S8 Ultra photo 1 1
Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 vs S8+ vs S8 Ultra: What's the difference?

Samsung's 2022 flagship tablets come in three options - the Tab S8, S8+ and S8 Ultra - but how does each differ? Is it just screen size?

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