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Google Chrome Material You redesign 1
How to customise your Google Chrome browser

Chrome for desktop just got a major overhaul based on Google's Material You design.

google-bard-upscaled 1
How to use Google Bard to help you write better emails and better Docs

Here's what Google Bard can connect to and how to make it work for you.

What is Google Maps AR navigation image 1 1
What is Google Maps AR navigation and Live View and how do you use it?

Get a better view of where you're going.

telegram-stories-featured 1
What are Telegram Stories and how do you use them?

Telegram is getting in on the Story trend. Here's what you need to know about Telegram Stories.

siri on apple watch health app on iphone 1
How to use Siri with Apple Health: What you can you ask it to do?

Get your health info in an instant by asking Siri on your Apple Watch.

Microsoft 265 Copilot 1
What is Microsoft Copilot? Microsoft's AI explained

Microsoft is going all-in on artificial intelligence.

How to delete your Snapchat account and what happens when you do photo 1 1
How to delete your Snapchat account and what happens when you do

Are you trying to delete your Snapchat account and can't figure out how? It's actually fairly simple, so let's walk you through the steps so you can get rid of Snap and move on with your day.

adobe creative cloud now features new photoshop cc premiere pro cc and more image 1 1
Master the art of Photoshop without going broke thanks to this $30 course

Learn everything you need to know about Adobe's flagship image editing program for under thirty bucks.

WhatsApp Channels 1
What are WhatsApp channels and how do they work?

This new feature makes it easier to get updates from people you're interested in through WhatsApp.

google-maps-generic 1
11 secret Google Maps tips and tricks to try

Finding your way around town also means finding your way around a maps app, so here are some tips and tricks on how to use and master Google Maps.

Temu 1
What is Temu, who owns it, and is it safe to buy from?

Wondering why Temu is so cheap, whether it's safe to buy from, and are the products any good? We bought over 30 things from Temu and got the scoop.

_J2W0003_3 1
How to use the new AI proofread feature in Gboard

Proofreading is available to some Gboard beta testers right now. Here's how you might be able to join that group and use the feature.

How to delete WhatsApp chats 1
How to screen-share in WhatsApp

This handy feature might be coming down the line.

threads search on iphone 12 mini 1
How to use search on Threads

Threads finally adds the much-requested keyword search.

mental wellbeing apple health 1
How to log moods and take a mental health assessment in Apple Health, and what happens after?

In iOS 17 and iPadOS 17, a new tool lets you log your mood and emotions to help track your mental well-being.

google-chrome-extensions-hero 1
Our 10 picks for the best Google Chrome extensions

Don't just browse the web with Google Chrome - grab it by the horns with these extensions!

WhatsApp image 1
WhatsApp is getting ready to support iMessage and more as EU bares its teeth

The EU's DMA is starting to have the desired effect.

What is ChatGPT and why should you care? photo 1 1
How much is ChatGPT Plus and what does the ChatGPT subscription get you?

OpenAI has introduced ChatGPT Plus, a paid version of its AI chatbot. Here's how much it costs and what it includes and how to join the waitlist.

zoom-ai-companion-image 1
What is Zoom AI Companion and how much does it cost?

Zoom launched an AI tool designed to enhance your meetings, but what, exactly, does it do?

How to speed up videos on TikTok 1
Best iPhone apps: The ultimate guide

We picked the best iPhone apps available right now, by category, from photo and video apps to the best social media apps and entertainment apps.

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